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All About Ratties

The Rat Terrier is an American breed that originated from a mixture of crosses by early immigrants of this country using old time Fox Terriers and other European Terriers common in the 19th century; Click for more about Rat Terriers

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More than 50 million puppies are born each year in puppy mills. Why is this bad? Read here for more information.
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New Rattitude regularly takes in dogs with special medical needs. Please visit our Canine Clinic to learn more about these sweet dogs who need special care...and how you can help if you choose.
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Need a puppy fix? When we have new litters in our puppy nursery, we will preview them here. Check them out!
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Mature Ratties make some of the very best pets! Want to learn more? Check out our Adopt A Senior information page. Ready to look at the ratties? Please visit our Senior Rattie Album
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Waggin Tails

What happens to the dogs once they are adopted? View their stories, as told by their new families here
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New Rattitude's 2014 Annual Report

New Rattitude's 2014 Annual Report is available to view online. A PDF version (you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed) is available for download. Download 2014 Annual Report

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Foster Home: Hampton, Georgia

A Rat Terrier available for adoption from New Rattitude.

Since coming to New Rattitude and receiving extensive dental surgery, little Ellie has gained a new look and a new outlook! Previously her misshapen, infected teeth gave her a "crocodilian" look and an attitude to match. Today she looks and feels like a different dog, ready to begin a new chapter in her life. She has discovered the satisfaction of keeping her 8-1/2 year old mind sharp and her 12-lb. body fit by playing with puzzles and toys and eating from a Slo-Bowl feeder. She has learned to "sit" and "stay" for treats and to use a doggie door. She is house trained and crate trained, and will sleep in her bed until her foster mom gets up and is ready to let her outside. Ellie loves to "help" her foster mom around the house and yard, and enjoys going for walks to explore the neighborhood. She also loves going on errands in the car but does need to be monitored around people in the store, as she can still be mistrustful of strangers. In fact, Ellie does not like small children and should be in an adults-only home. In addition, she sometimes does not get along with new dogs, and introductions should be made slowly. And because she does have a prey drive, she should not be with cats. Of course, after a hard day at work solving puzzles, helping out around the house, and going out for errands, Ellie likes her down time and enjoys curling up on the sofa next to her foster mom. Having "turned over a new leaf," Ellie is searching for a human co-author to help her write this exciting new chapter in her life. All terrier-savvy folks who have love and patience to share and who are home much of the time are encouraged to apply. This is an assignment you won't regret! CLICK HERE to see more photos and video of Ellie. And please submit an Adoption Application for her!


Image: Seventh Birthday August 4, 2015 marks New Rattitude's 7th birthday! Seven years, 1600+ rat terriers saved, and counting!


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Have you ever considered fostering a Rat Terrier? Wonder how New Rattitude supports our foster homes and makes it easy? CLICK HERE to learn how easy it can be and get your questions answered.


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