Image: Courtesy of New Rattitude, Inc. Rat Terrier Rescue100% of your donation goes towards the rescue & medical care of needy dogs.
Image: Courtesy of New Rattitude, Inc. Rat Terrier Rescue

How to Adopt
A New Rattitude Rescued Rat Terrier

Image: Courtesy of New Rattitude, Inc. Rat Terrier Rescue Thank you for your interest in adopting a rescued Rat Terrier! If you can provide the special home a "Rattie" deserves, we can offer you a dog that will be a wonderful addition to your household. All New Rattitude dogs are spayed/neutered, up-to-date on vaccinations, heartworm tested and on preventative, and microchipped. All adoption fees ($175 for adult dogs and $225 for puppies under 6 months old) go directly toward care of our rescued Rat Terriers.

The procedure for applying to adopt a dog is as follows:

1. Application. After you submit an adoption application for the dog you are interested in, you can expect a prompt confirmation reply. If you do not receive such a confirmation, or if you have general questions that aren't answered in our Adoption FAQ section, please email the Adoption Team at

2. Foster Parent Dialog. Because our Rat Terriers are located in private fosterhomes, you cannot just "drop by" to visit. But by filling out and submitting the adoption application, you'll be put in touch with the dog's foster parent, who can give you more information about the dog, answer questions, and even arrange a visit if distances permit. Please have a good 2-way "dialog" with the foster parent so that you can mutually determine whether your home and situation is a good match for the needs of the dog you've applied for. If you are concerned about anything, be candid with the foster parent.

3. Reference Checks. While the foster parent is helping you get to know the dog better and getting to know you better, our Adoption Team will be at work processing your application. To avoid delays, please make sure ALL information is included, especially correct contact info for your references. It will also help greatly if you let your references know that you have listed them, and encourage them to take our calls &/or return messages.

Image: Courtesy of New Rattitude, Inc. Rat Terrier Rescue 4. Interview. After talking to your references, your assigned Adoption Coordinator will contact you for a telephone interview to discuss your expectations, experience, hopes, and household situation. If you are concerned that the dog you applied for might not be a good match for your household after all, let your Adoption Coordinator know. It may be that a different dog would be better for you, and your AC can help you find another good candidate. You would not need to submit another application, as long as the first one has not been closed out.

5. Home Visit. A Home Visit Coordinator will find a volunteer from the rescue community to come to your home to perform a safety check and confirm that it is appropriate for the dogs we have discussed. We require that all family members be at home during the home visit so that everyone has an opportunity to understand the commitment of an adoption and ask any questions that might be on their minds.

6. Decision. There are many factors that go into an application approval decision. Some of these factors are discussed on our Adoption FAQ page. If there is a good match between your home and the dog for which you've applied, we will approve the adoption and send you a contract. We reserve the right to refuse an applicant at our sole discretion for any reason, including our belief that the home situation isn't compatible with the needs of a rescued Rat Terrier. If your home would be a safe, loving sanctuary for a rescued Rattie in general, but the particular dog for which you applied wasn't deemed a good match, your Adoption Coordinator would work with you to find a different dog that was a better fit -- perhaps one who is not yet profiled on our website.

7. Contract. After you sign and return the contract and the adoption fee, the adoption is official and your new family member will soon be with you. The terms and conditions of our adoption contract can be previewed at Our adoption fee is $175 for adult dogs or $225 for puppies under 6 months old. Extra donations submitted with the adoption fee are gratefully accepted and will help support our rescue efforts.

8. Travel Home. If you are located close enough to the dog's foster home, you make arrangements directly with the dog's foster parent to go pick up the dog or to meet the foster parent part way. If you are located more than 150 miles from the foster home, you may request that our New Rattitude Transport Team make the arrangements to get the dog to you. Distances up to 600 miles will generally be done by a ground transport, with the adopter expected to drive the last "leg" (normally at least 60 miles). For transports requiring the assistance of the New Rattitude Transport Team, the adopter will pay a $25 Transport Fee, which includes the cost of a required health certificate. Distances over 600 miles will generally require that the dog be flown by air. All cost of that travel is the responsibility of the adopter. A required flight certificate, travel crate, and the flight itself can be expected to cost $250-$350. Click HERE for more details.

Our organization is composed of hard-working volunteers whose only reward is seeing these wonderful Rat Terriers placed in loving "Furever Homes." It is a lot of work and we do it in our spare time because we love the Rat Terrier breed, not because we are paid. (We aren't.) Please be patient with us if we do not move as quickly as you would like.

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