Image: Courtesy of New Rattitude, Inc. Rat Terrier Rescue100% of your donation goes towards the rescue & medical care of needy dogs.
Image: Courtesy of New Rattitude, Inc. Rat Terrier Rescue

Donor Recognition Bulletin Board

New Rattitude Gratefully Recognizes the Generosity of our Donors
over the past 12 months

We'd like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
heartworm hero Denotes Heartworm Heroes            Canine Clinic Pal denotes Canine Clinic Pals           

Faithful Friends $1-$249

Terry Allen
Bonnie Anderson
Michelle Andrich
Canine Clinic PalMary Arkwright
Lennie Averna
Canine Clinic PalHannah Bachelder
Donnie Baker
Terri Banner
Canine Clinic PalWendy Baumann
Susan Beard
Donna Becker
Mildred Ben-David
Frank Bennett
Amanda Berglund
Brian Boland
Bogdan Borgovan
David Boyle
Stephanie Brown
Canine Clinic PalPaul Buckalew
Canine Clinic PalDenise Burki
Julien Byrne
Capital Group Charitable Foundation
Canine Clinic PalSue Kletzke Carter
Gretchen Chambers
Lili Chin
Carrie Cochrane
Canine Clinic PalC. Nancy Coleman
Debbie Collins
Rebecca Coltrane
Syliva & Leonard Compher
Canine Clinic PalClarence Edward and Jolene Conner
Hildreth Cooper
Kate Cooper
Helen Crevonis
Don & Debbie Daugherty
Jennifer Davis
Canine Clinic PalLaura Delanoy
Pamela DeLozier
Kathy Donahoe
Chris & Angela Doolittle
Martha Dowling
Amanda Duenas & Francisco Chavez
Patrick Duff
Duke Energy Foundation
Canine Clinic PalVickie Dunagan
Joyce Durdin
Amy Farmer
Canine Clinic PalMolly Fergusson
Don Feyma
Debbie Finley
Canine Clinic PalCoreen Flores
Lucia Florido
Todd Fogler
Dave & Genie Folsom
Cheryl Fralick
A.J. Freisleben
Rick Friday
Canine Clinic PalMichele Fulton
Joseph Furst
Yvonne Gammell
Cristin Gavin
Stephanie Gawlik
Canine Clinic PalSusan Gilik
Dawna Gladden
Betsy Glenn
Christine Godin
Marvin Gold
Daniel Goligoski
Marsha Goodwin
Jodi Gordon
Patricia Graham
Eve & Tom Gunther
Doreen Habben
Canine Clinic PalSean Hanley
Judy Hartgerink
Canine Clinic PalKyle Heath
Sharon Heimbegner
Marcus & Cordula Heinemann
Molly Henneke
Dorothy Hoffman
Melissa Igoe
Rita Igoe
Jim & Patti Jeffries
Lara Jones
Canine Clinic PalSue Kangas
Christina Kienbaum
Tammy Kilduff
Rhonda Kines
Victoria Klyce
Scott Koontz
Mallory Kratimenos
Erin & Irwin Krieger
Carla & Joseph Kruger
Lorri Kruse
Dori Kummerfeld
Canine Clinic PalBarbara Laidlaw
Ava Jane Landrum
Janine Lange
Joe &Jill Le Clair
Penny Linke
Paul &Kathy Marino
Stephanie Mathson
Amelia Maxwell
Patricia McKinney
Deborah McMahon
Heather Mead
Virginia Medcalf
Gary & Brenda Michael
Rich & Joanne Moon
Betty Law Morgan
Trudy Morgan & Ken Boyd
Joel & Donna Moss
Taylor Moss
Mr. Barry's Legendary Toffee
Canine Clinic PalGregory Muller
Susan Murkland
Troy & Jessie Naberhaus
Scott & Wendy Newby
Canine Clinic PalSkip & Paula Nichols
Nanette Oggiono
Canine Clinic PalCarron Nevill
Carole Nicholson
Canine Clinic PalSusan Nickel
Alexsandra Olejniczak and Charles Chartraw
Daniel & Bryanna Osieczanek
Canine Clinic PalLesly Oxley
Dana Page
Canine Clinic PalPam Perryman
Robert & Marsha Price
Canine Clinic PalKathy Puckett
Karen Reagan
Canine Clinic PalTina Riley
Jessica Ritchie
Marjorie Roberts
Brooke Rogers
Rachael & Michael Rose
Christine Roy
Canine Clinic PalAnn Beth Rutkowski
Julie Ruttinger
Canine Clinic PalGordon Sandelier
Becky Schnoll
Janice Schroeder
Mary Schur
Canine Clinic PalCandace Seal
Canine Clinic PalBrian Shanabrough
Mary Claire Shiber
Lou Shubert & Martin Headman
Barbara Simmons & Charles Lacivita
Carla Simpson
Cindy Simpson
Matthew Smith
Canine Clinic PalMatt & Janet Snyder
Mary Kay Spannagel
Canine Clinic PalBecky Stewart
Karen Stewart
Bridget Stone
Grace Strauss
Kelli Strauss
Kaitlin Sundling
Margaret Sutherland
Judith Swan
Jennifer Tapley
Cynthia Temple
Ginger Temple
Canine Clinic PalTiano Teso & Tucker
Anggie Thompson
Canine Clinic PalLaurie Van Egeren
Heidee Vansant
Laura Walker
Roberta & James Ward
Canine Clinic PalAva Watkins
Amanda Watson
Canine Clinic PalDonald Watson
Canine Clinic PalNancy Watts
Canine Clinic PalGabriele Weeks
Becky Wilkening
Andrea Williamson
Gary Zavislak & Kim Larsen

Image: Courtesy of New Rattitude, Inc. Rat Terrier Rescue

Loyal Companion Award $250-$499

Jayna Bundy
Canine Clinic PalRay & Mary Clogston
Canine Clinic PalMichael Dameron
Canine Clinic PalKara Deason
Michael Donahue & Amy Adler
Canine Clinic PalEric Ladimer
Tim & Carole Mehnert
Microsoft Matching Gifts Program
Joseph Miller
Canine Clinic PalStephanie Pasha
Daniel & Renee Rooker
Canine Clinic PalAllison Stone
Canine Clinic PalDiane Uithoven

Image: Courtesy of New Rattitude, Inc. Rat Terrier Rescue

Blue Ribbon Buddy Award $500-$999

Rachel Chaney
Friends and Supporters of Ruby's Heartworm Treatment
Pat Malone
Bruce Rylander
Canine Clinic PalCheryl Singleton
United Health Group
Canine Clinic PalEmily Wackler

Image: Courtesy of New Rattitude, Inc. Rat Terrier Rescue

Best of Show Award $1000 and Up!

Chevron Corporation
Matt & Debbie Conigliaro
Laurie Dempsey
Dee Quiggle

Image: Courtesy of New Rattitude, Inc. Rat Terrier Rescue

Gifts of Special Remembrance
"This donation is to honor Flash, the greatest dog who ever lived." -- from Dori Kummerfeld

"In gratitude to Julee and Brett Stearns-Allen for the excellent care they have given Chico." -- from David Boyle

"In honor of Kim and Gary Leger" -- from Paul and Kathy Marino

"In honor of our 2 New Rattitude adoptees Ayla and Ollie" -- from Kelli Strauss

"In memory of Padme and Franky, furbabies of Paula Nowak" -- from Joyce Durdin

"In memory of my sweet Murray who I adopted from New Rattitude. Best dog ever!" -- from Dee Dee Quiggle

"In honor of Sue Dively and in memory of Biscotti. " -- from Brooke Rogers

"In honor of Katie Uhl and her Rosie. " -- from Mom and Mike

"In honor of Julee Allen and her 17 years of service to Wellspring Family Services and its clients. " -- from Patrick Duff

"In the loving memory of Dolly Henneke. She rescued us as much as we rescued her. " -- from Molly Henneke

"In honor of Hayes Adams" -- from Amanda Berglund

"In loving memory of Ernie McCracken" -- from Troy and Jessie Naberhaus

"In memory of Denise's Suzy" -- from Sue Kangas

"Donation on behalf of Dr. Eric Ladimer. Happy Boss's Day!" -- from his staff

"In honor and memory of my beloved Darby, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Friday, September 9th, 2016." -- from Melissa Igoe

"In memory of Rufus, beloved companion of Alison and Pat." -- from Kaitlin, Bob and Nellie

"In memory of Biggie. A Rat Terrier mix and great companion to Beth and Teddy." -- from Jodi Gordon

"In honor of Skip" -- from Ray and Mary Clogston

"In memory of David and Alice Simpson" -- from Carla Simpson

"Donation on behalf of Christine Godin and Minne" -- from Rhonda Kines

Image: Courtesy of New Rattitude, Inc. Rat Terrier Rescue

NOTE: Donorboard recognition period spans one fiscal New Rattitude Year