Image: Courtesy of New Rattitude, Inc. Rat Terrier Rescue100% of your donation goes towards the rescue & medical care of needy dogs.
Image: Courtesy of New Rattitude, Inc. Rat Terrier Rescue

Donor Recognition Bulletin Board

New Rattitude Gratefully Recognizes the Generosity of our Donors
over the past 12 months

We'd like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
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Faithful Friends $1-$249

Gayla Adams
Amy Adler
Larry Allen
Jason Anderson & Hoang Bui
Kimberly Arango
Canine Clinic PalMary Arkwright
Donna Astin
Canine Clinic PalHannah Bachelder
Don Baker
Terri Banner
Canine Clinic PalKatarina Barnhart
Ken & Teresa Bassett
Melisssa Basta
Beach Rentals
Shelley Beach
Regina Beck
Linda Blaylock
Brian Boland
Marisa Borders
Janell Brown
Jon & Beverley Brown
Canine Clinic PalDenise Burki
Julien Byrne
Noell Cady
Elizabeth Calvin
Canine Clinic PalRenae Cannon
Linda &Jim Capen
Adriana Sola Capifali
Priscilla Carton
Penny Causey
Maria Cayado
Gretchen Chambers
Rachel Chaney
Nancy Charest
Rochelle Chen
Sandra &Dennis Cifranic
Jessica Claflin
Canine Clinic PalGisela Clark
Jennifer &Gerry Clemence
Susan Cole
Angela Collum
Canine Clinic PalColumbia TNG
Clarence &Jolene Conner
Hildreth Cooper
Vicki Corich
Costo United Way Campaign
Brian Costlow
Chad Culbertson
Patricia Culpepper
Canine Clinic PalNancy Cush
Mary Daley
Angie & Tom Davis
Judith Davis
Canine Clinic PalLaura Delanoy
Pamela DeLozier
Canine Clinic PalHannah Dempsey
Robert Dennison
Fawn DeSanti
Canine Clinic PalJason DeVries
Canine Clinic PalJessica Detrio
James Dodd
Chris & Angela Doolittle
Double Happiness Homes Indiana, LLC
Amanda Duenas & Francisco Chavez
Carol Druppel
Canine Clinic PalVickie Dunagan
Canine Clinic PalDixie Duran
Mike & Pam Eckardt
Irv Eichorst & Priscilla Matthews
Dawn Emling & Joseph Molines
Mimi English-Koch
Chloe Evers
Jennifer Faber
Amy Farmer
Allison Farr
Kim Ferman
Thomas & Steven Fernandez
Canine Clinic PalDon Feyma
Lucia Florido
Todd Fogler
Dave & Genie Folsom
Chris Ford
Kimberly Ford
Canine Clinic PalRebecca Fowler
Canine Clinic PalChristine Fox
Mark & Sue Francis
Kelly & Rob Fraser
Alan Freisleben
Angela Friedman
Bonnie & Bill Fritz
Juliana Frosch
Shan Fullilove
Michelle Gaetano
Tonya Gallant-Richard
Yvonne Gammell
Gary & Karen Garbett
Cristin Gavin
Stephanie Gawlik
John & Eileen Gilfrich
Susan Gilik
Rob Gleichenhaus
Christine Godin
Joseph & Corin Gomes
Helene Gonzalez
Kristy Gonzalez & Zachary Meldazis
Jodi Gordon
Canine Clinic PalCarol Govoni
Patricia Graham
Larry Gray & Crissy Hebert
Christine Griffin
Su-Chin & Robert Griffith
Doreen Habben
Canine Clinic PalKatherine Hall
Canine Clinic PalSean Hanley
Jill Hanna
Marcia Harris
Judy Hartgerink
Canine Clinic PalKyle Heath
Sharon Heimbegner
Canine Clinic PalKathleen Henderson
Donald Herington
Eileen Hershberg
Michelle Hewitt
Paula Hileman
Cheryl Hinds
Albert & Carol Hoeckley
Melissa Holloway
Lisa Honea
Humane Society of Amherst County
PoWah Isaak
Jim & Patti Jeffries
Billy Ray & Gayla Johnson
Lisa Johnson
Janet Jones
Canine Clinic PalLara Jones
Donald & Paige Kahler
Canine Clinic PalSue Kangas
Brian Kelly & Mary Hettich-Kelly
Canine Clinic PalChristina Kienbaum
Tammy Kilduff
Tammy & Scott Kimbrell
Kay Kinnard
Robin Knaup
Michael Krieg
Erin & Irwin Krieger
Canine Clinic PalCarla Kruger
Barbara Krynski
Laura Kuehmstedt
Frank Lang
Dan Langworthy
David Lanier
Karen Larson
Shirley Laughlin
Laurel Lazar
Paige Licklider
Leslie Lombard
Canine Clinic PalJessica Mannon-Phillips
Robert Marchesano
Paul & Kathy Marino
Canine Clinic PalMary Marovich
Shantel Martinez
Marcia Mason
Anita Mathis
Amelia Maxwell
Cynthia McCallister
Eileen McConnell
Wendy McCormick
Kim McCurry
Angela Meehan
Loretta Mento
Richard Miller
Harriet Mooney
Kate Moore
Terry & Sheila Moran
Betty Law Morgan
Trudy Morgan & Ken Boyd
Eva Moylan
Mr. Barry's Legendary Toffee
Kathy Munoz
Susan Murkland
Canine Clinic PalPaul Namie
Network for Good
Carron Nevill
Scott & Wendy Newby
Norris Sales
Lisa Olivieri & Maryann Manescu
Canine Clinic PalLesly Oxley
Dana Page
Phillip Parizeau & Denise Esslinger
Annette Parker
Lloyd Parks
Maria Parks
Canine Clinic PalStephanie Pasha
Carolyn Patt
Kelly Pavlot
Paula Perea & Wanda Couch
Trimble Peters
Wendy Petkus-Mazeika
Ellen Petrush
Liz Pietanza
Lisa Polazzi
Nancy Ponder
Canine Clinic PalKathy Puckett
Pupcake Collars
Dayna Purcell
Valeria Rae
Lauri & Ronald Rafalski
Kassia Randall
Rat Terriers Forever
Karen Reagan
Canine Clinic PalPamela Reinhard
Jessica Ritchie
Canine Clinic PalLynda Rizo
Marsha Roesler
Brooke Rogers
Cheryl Roman
Kathy Rose
Vicki and Mickey Rosenbaum
Canine Clinic PalChristine Roy
Joseph Rusin
Canine Clinic PalLaura Russ
Rosemary Rutland
Diane Poole Salamon
Canine Clinic PalGordon Sandelier
Janet Saros & Mark Mitchell
Kimberly Savery
Bekki Schnoll
Dawn Schuetz
Janice Schroder
Mary Schur
Canine Clinic PalCandace Seal
Ruthlyn & Ronald Sebastiani
Lisa Shafran
Canine Clinic PalBrian Shanabrough
Canine Clinic PalJennifer Shannon
Katie Sheetz
Richard Sheroff
Roger Sherron
Canine Clinic PalErnest Sidwell
Gail Slifka
Lisa & David Smith
Michael Smith
Susan Snow
Canine Clinic PalMatt & Janet Snyder
Donna Sohan
Francine Spatafore
Jennifer Spivey
Andrew Stankovics
Julie Stenger
Canine Clinic PalDon Stewart
Canine Clinic PalKaren Stewart
Rebecca Stewart
M. Lee Stimmel
Bridget Stone
Lisa Stone
Grace Strauss
Alison Taylor
Canine Clinic PalTiano Teso & Tucker
Cindy Tokar
Diane Uithoven
United Way of Central Illinois
Kathleen Uszak
Martha Utley & Brenda Kroupa
Tom Valiton
Raymond & Kiyomi Vampran
Roberta Vidas
Oliver Walton
Canine Clinic PalDonald Watson
Jennifer Watson
Canine Clinic PalNancy Watts
Canine Clinic PalGabriele Weeks
Canine Clinic PalKaren Weyler
Fern Williams& Wanda Couch
Canine Clinic PalLisa Williamson
Marynelle Wilson
Irma Woerner
Miryam Woodson
Nancy Woodward
Marilyn Young
Brianda Zapata
Heidi Zazza & Frank Drago

Image: Courtesy of New Rattitude, Inc. Rat Terrier Rescue

Loyal Companion Award $250-$499

Jayna Bundy
Canine Clinic PalMichael Donahue & Amy Adler
Canine Clinic PalMelanie Garmon
Canine Clinic PalJeff & Jennifer Garner
Bob Halbert & Onelio Lopez
Tim & Carole Mehnert
Microsoft Matching Gifts Program
Joseph Miller
Bruce Rylander
Canine Clinic PalJoanne Schaus
Terri Simpson
Allison Stone
Lisa Sullivan
David Weinraub
Steve & Becky Zoric

Image: Courtesy of New Rattitude, Inc. Rat Terrier Rescue

Blue Ribbon Buddy Award $500-$999

The Charitable Group Companies Charitable Foundation in Honor of Stephanie Gawlik
Chevron Corporation
Rebecca Coltrane
Gary & Helen Crevonis
Canine Clinic PalEric Ladimer
Pat Malone
Canine Clinic PalSusan Nickel
Canine Clinic PalCheryl Singleton
United Health Group
Judy Walsh

Image: Courtesy of New Rattitude, Inc. Rat Terrier Rescue

Best of Show Award $1000 and Up!

Matt & Debbie Conigliaro
Laurie Dempsey
Robin Goins
Canine Clinic PalEmily Wackler

Image: Courtesy of New Rattitude, Inc. Rat Terrier Rescue

Gifts of Special Remembrance
"We recently lost our very much loved rat terrier, Beemer. Thank you for the work you are doing for this great breed and I hope we will be contacting you soon to adopt again." -- from Linda and Jim Capen

"In honor of Kim and Gary Leger." -- from Paul and Kathy Marino

"In memory of Terry Casey." -- from Laurel Lazar

"In memory of Billie Jean Carroll and in honor of Jill Carroll and Nishta Mehra." -- from Marynelle Wilson

"In honor of a sweet and very loved Rat Terrier named Zoey. She will be dearly missed by her mama. Thank you for all that you do to rescue these dogs and to find them furever families!" -- from Marisa Borders

"In memory of my darling Sammie" -- from Roger Sherron

"In honor of Rob Gleichenhaus and his love for rat terriers!" -- from Carly, Cole, and Tonja

"In memory of Rusty Kangas" -- from Pat Malone

"For Dana & Mike Olness (also Micky and Dillon!) " -- from the Sheetz Family

"This donation is made on behalf of Greg Dadd of E.M. Dodger's Pet Supply and Deborah Caprio for bringing a wonderful little rat terrier puppy into our lives. Thank you, Deborah and Greg!" -- from Bob Halbert and Onelio Lopez, Washington DC

"Donation in in the names of Frank and Dee Bennett - Super New Rattitude foster parents!" -- from Becky Zoric

"In honor of Sue Diveley." -- from Brooke Rogers

"In honor of my god-daughter, god-son-in-law, and rat terrier dog-dogs: Molly and Joey Miller, Luma and Tucker." -- from Susan Snow

"In honor of Verne Lietz." -- from Susan Cole

"In honor of Jill Moylan." -- from Eva Moylan

"To thank Phyllis Amonick for her love and assistance in caring for our two New Rattitude adoptees Bodhi and Viggo." -- from Double Happiness Homes Indiana, LLC

"In honor of New Rattitude's good friend Norma Downing and in recognition of her dedication to our foster rat t's!" -- from Sue Kangas

"This donation is in the name of Rhonda Kines, my daughter in honor of her Ratty babies... both now and in the past." -- from Christine Godin

"In memory of Richard Shaw." -- from Jon and Beverley Brown

"In loving memory of Tyson." -- from Brianda Zapata

"In honor of Shannon Bayless and her devotion to animals. She is a caring trainer and a wonderful person." -- from Vicki and Mickey Rosenbaum

"In memory of our beloved Mollie." -- from Robin Goins

"In honor of my daughter, Kelly Fox, for saving dogs in need." -- from Christine Fox

"In memory of Teddy" -- from Jodi and Ashley

"In honor of Frank and Dee Bennett in thanks for all they do for the pups." -- Steve & Becky Zoric

"Happy Birthday to my sister Christina K. from Pewaukee, WI. She Loves New Rattitude!" -- All our LOVE, The Hanna's

"In memory of Ardith Jeffries" -- from Jim and Patti Jeffries

Image: Courtesy of New Rattitude, Inc. Rat Terrier Rescue

NOTE: Donorboard recognition period spans one fiscal New Rattitude Year