The Fine Print

  • All dogs attending the Jamboree should be healthy and up to date on vaccinations. Since this is something we cannot 100% control, IT’S UP TO YOU to make sure YOUR dogs are protected. Please do not bring young puppies which have not yet completed their vaccination protocol. Puppy sales will not be allowed.
  • Bitches in heat will NOT be allowed on the Jamboree field. No exceptions.
  • Well-behaved children are welcome at the Jamboree. For their safety, please be sure they understand the etiquette and safety precautions to use when approaching strange dogs.
  • Guests are encouraged to bring seating, shade and water.
  • Does your rat terrier have a non-rattie sibling that wants to come too? Although the Jamboree is primarily a rat terrier event, in most cases we are happy to welcome other breeds. KOA has a policy however, of not allowing pitbulls at their facilities, and the Sweetwater KOA has asked that we respect that policy. Also, please be aware that for the safety of our smaller ratties, we will require that all larger dogs MUST be kept on-leash at all times, and any dog (ratties included) that is deemed uncontrollable, overly aggressive or obviously unhealthy will be asked to leave. Please contact in advance if you have any questions.
  • Poop scoopers and waste receptacles will be provided in several areas. Please remember to clean up after your dog.
  • The Jamboree Team, its members and representatives are not responsible for loss, accidents or damage to property, persons or animals.