Image: Courtesy of New Rattitude, Inc. Rat Terrier Rescue100% of your donation goes towards the rescue & medical care of needy dogs.
Image: Courtesy of New Rattitude, Inc. Rat Terrier Rescue

Join the New Rattitude "Pack"

As an all-volunteer organization, it takes a real team effort for New Rattitude to run smoothly and effectively. We have many opportunities available to those who are able to volunteer a little--or a lot--of their time and energies. We would love to have you join us!

Image: Courtesy of New Rattitude, Inc. Rat Terrier Rescue
OPTION 1: If you have just a little time and don't want an on-going commitment... Join our Volunteer Database!

The easiest way to get involved is to help with TRANSPORTS or HOME VISITS that are needed in your area. When a dog needs to be moved from a shelter to a foster home, or between foster homes, or from foster home to adoptive home, we set up a transport using a network of volunteer Drivers (each responsible for a "leg" of approximately one hour's drive). And for each new adoptive home or foster home application, we arrange a home visit to ensure that the household will provide a safe, suitable environment for a rescued Rat Terrier. The Home Visit Volunteer inspects the property using our provided checklist and instructions, to help ensure any potential problems are avoided. If you might be available to help with either of these needs, please sign up to be added to our Volunteer Database by clicking here. We will contact you when we need help in your area.

You can also help us by spreading the word about New Rattitude's need for Foster Homes. One easy way to do this is to print out copies of our "Lend A Paw" tear-off flyer (click here), cut along the dotted lines, and post on bulletin boards in your vet's office, groomer's, local pet supply store, etc.

OPTION 2: If you are able to get more involved on an on-going basis... Become a Member!

Active members of New Rattitude assist with various aspects of our rescue operation, including the needs below. If you can help with any of these needs, please submit a Membership Application.

      INTAKE: There are always more dogs needing to come into rescue than we have space for, so it takes a full team to assess their needs, prioritize, and bring new dogs into the program. Our Shelter Surfers follow up on dogs in need at kill shelters, collect the information we need to determine if we can help, and network with other members to ensure the need is properly communicated. Our Transportation Coordinators do the planning and coordinating to get dogs safely moved from a shelters to foster homes or from foster homes to adoptive homes. Our State Coordinators act as liaisons between the fosterhomes and other volunteers in each state to ensure all members are working together effectively and efficiently.

      FOSTER HOMES: We are always looking for Foster Homes, where a rescued dog can live in a safe and nurturing home environment while we work to find him or her an appropriate adoptive home. Foster parents are responsible for the physical care of a rescued dog (including vet care*, socialization, basic training, and lots of love and affection) plus some administration (record-keeping, photos of the dog, corresponding with applicants). Foster parents are supported by our foster home network. If you can open your heart and home to give a dog in danger a chance for a future, please apply to become a foster home. For more information about fostering, please visit our Foster Home Overview page.
*Vetting costs are reimbursed by New Rattitude.

      "DOGSITTING" HOMES: Do you like the idea of fostering but are worried that you would fall in love and not be able to give the dog up? We also need temporary Dogsitting Homes, where a rescued dog could stay for just a few days. This might be overnight along a transport route, or for up to 2 days while the dog is waiting to move to a permanent foster home, or for a week or two if a foster parent must go out of town for a business trip, family emergency, or vacation. For more information about Fostering and Dogsitting, please visit our Foster Home Overview page. If you can support the dogs and our permanent foster homes in this way, please apply to become a Dogsitting Home.

      WEB DEVELOPMENT AND SUPPORT: As a network organization without a physical shelter, New Rattitude relies heavily on the Internet for many of our administrative functions (applications, reports, records, publicity, communications, etc.) as well as general visibility to the public. We need experienced IT Folks to maintain our website and work on functionality enhancements. Experience with MySql and php are particularly valuable! The web team also includes a Web Editor, Photo Editor and Pet Publicists.

      ADOPTION TEAM: A lot of work goes into processing adoption applications. On this team are the Applications Coordinators (responsible for doing the reference checks and interviewing of prospective adopters, helping determine when a household and a dog are a good match for each other, and helping applicants and fosterhomes navigate the process) and the Home Visit Coordinators (responsible for recruiting and training Home Visit volunteers, and ensuring that any potential safety hazards are resolved before a dog is approved for adoption).

      FUND-RAISING TEAM: Because our adoption fees can't cover the entire cost of veterinary care for our rescued dogs, we rely on a team to help bring in additional funds, including detail-oriented Grant Writers, creative and enthusiastic Fund-Raising Coordinators, and talented Artisans, who create and donate goods for us to sell, auction, or raffle.

      PUBLICITY: Some of our locations participate in local events where we set up on a given day to feature our dogs. At these publicity venues, we don't do on-site adoptions, but we do need Event Staff to talk to the public about rescue and Rat Terriers, explain our processes, care for the dogs throughout the day, and assist with on-site fund-raising, &/or recruiting efforts. We also publish a quarterly E-Newsletter, using a team of Contributors, Editors, and . And our Social Media team continues to grow, giving us an ever-bigger presence on Facebook and Twitter.

      ADMINISTRATION: Our administration efforts include various responsibilities such as Microchip/Tag Distribution, Adoption Follow-Up Calls, ReTail Shop Coordination, Volunteer Coordination, Recruiting, Microchip Registration, etc.

IF YOU CAN HELP with any of these needs on an on-going basis, either as a primary or back-up volunteer, please submit a Membership Application to let us know of your availability and interests. There is a screening process for members to help us get to know you better and give you the opportunity to learn more about New Rattitude and our policies/procedures.

Not sure about making a membership commitment? We invite you to like us on Facebook, where you can shadow our rescue efforts to get a closer look at what we're about. 1