Image: Courtesy of New Rattitude, Inc. Rat Terrier Rescue100% of your donation goes towards the rescue & medical care of needy dogs.
Image: Courtesy of New Rattitude, Inc. Rat Terrier Rescue
Image: Courtesy of New Rattitude, Inc. Rat Terrier Rescue

Support New Rattitude

There are a variety of ways you can help New Rattitude give rescued Ratties a whole new point of view.

Get Involved!
We always welcome enthusiastic volunteers. Whether you have a little time or a lot we will work with you to find the right volunteer job for you. Interested? Please visit our "Ways To Volunteer" page to learn more.

Donate $:
We try to keep our adoption rates as low as practical, so that as many rescued dogs as possible can get into "Furever Homes." This means that we rely on monetary donations to help us pay for veterinary costs, shelter pull fees, medicines, microchips, etc. Every donation is greatly appreciated. To donate money to our rescue efforts, please vist our donation center.

Donate "Stuff":
To support the homes in our fostercare program, we can also use items of day-to-day care. The best way to donate is by gift cards from a pet supply store, which are easy to mail, so that our foster parents can redeem for items they typically need, such as:
      * Frontline or Advantage (flea/tick control) for small dogs
      * Leashes, harnesses, car safety tethers
      * Toys (Nylabones, Kongs, plushes, rope toys�)
      * Dog beds, dog blankets
      * Small and medium travel crates (used is fine!)
      * X-Pens
      * Puppy pads

Our network administrators also regularly need supplies:
      * Postage stamps
      * 6x10" (#0) and 7x12" (#1) bubble mailer envelopes
      * Sheets of 1 x 2-5/8" address labels
      * Gas cards (for dog transports from shelter to fosterhome)
      * Air miles (for long-distance dog transports from shelter to fosterhome)
      * Pre-paid phone cards (for long-distance applications processing)

Small items on this list may be mailed to: New Rattitude, PO Box 14064, Lansing, MI 48901.
For larger items, email to find the best shipping address or find out if we have needs in your local area.

Honor a Loved One:
You can make a donation to New Rattitude in someone else's name, and we will send them a lovely thank you card explaining the gift we received and how it is used and we will add the recipient to our Donor Recognition Board. You can opt to identify yourself (e.g. "Jane Doe has made a donation to New Rattitude Rat Terrier rescue in your name....") or remain anonymous, as you prefer.

Participate in our Fund-Raisers:
New Rattitude fund-raisers are a great way for you to support our rescue efforts and have fun &/or get great "stuff" at the same time. Visit our fund-raising Events pages to learn about our current initiatives.

If you ever search the Internet with search engines such as Google, AltaVista, Yahoo!, Dogpile, etc., you can switch to GoodSearch instead and start making money for New Rattitude! Visit our Goodsearch page to learn more.

Image: Courtesy of AmazonSmile Shop:
You know that you shop online! Did you know that you could make money for New Rattitude by doing so without having to spend a penny more than you would otherwise do? All you have to do is go to the vendors that you normally use anyway (like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Target,, Ebay, Expedia, Gap, Home Depot, Macy's, Wal-mart, and many more) but do so after you've taken a few steps (one-time) to designate New Rattitude as your recipient charity. Then whenever you make an on-line purchase, a percentage of your purchase will be donated by the vendor to New Rattitude! Visit our Change How You Shop Online page for details.

Do you have any creative talent? We are always seeking artisans to donate their creations for our various fund-raisers. Jewelry? Note cards? Figurines? Textiles? Please let our Fund-Raising team know, and they will be delighted to send you details on how to get your masterpieces to us for auction, raffle, or sale.

Spread the Word:
We appreciate your efforts to let other dog lovers around the country know about us and our efforts. Pass on our web address! Tell your friends about our events! Forward the link to our fund-raisers! Share the pictures and stories of our dogs needing Furever Homes with your family and colleagues! Put a link to our website on your blog or in your email signature! Encourage your employer to consider New Rattitude when they are thinking about their end-of-year charity donations....

A little encouragement goes a long way for our big-hearted, hard-working fosterhomes. If you visit some of our dogs' photo albums, add a supportive comment. Sometimes, at the end of a long, discouraging day, that little bit is all it takes to help a rescue volunteer get renewed energy and determination to keep the faith that their effort is truly worthwhile.