New Rattitude is a national Internet-based network of dedicated volunteers, so we do not have a physical facility that you can stop by to visit. We rely on our website to answer questions you might have, using the links above. For questions that you cannot find answers to on our site, or to contact us about specific issues, please use the links below to reach the appropriate department. Someone will be back in touch with you as soon as possible.

For Ratties Needing Rescue
  • To let us know of a Rat Terrier in a kill shelter or a stray needing rescue, please contact our Urgent Team.
  • To find a new, loving home for your own Rat Terrier, please learn about our ReHome Program.
  • To surrender your Rat Terrier to rescue, please read about Owner Surrenders.

For Adoption Questions

For Website or Technical Questions

For General Inquiries
  • Email us at
  • Or write to us via snail mail at: New Rattitude, Inc., P.O. Box 91, DeWitt, Michigan 48820