New Rattitude’s ReHome program is designed to offer placement assistance for owners needing to surrender their dog, for good Samaritans who have rescued a stray they need to place, or for anyone with custody of a Rat Terrier that needs a new home. We truly care about the life of every Rat Terrier, but our foster care program by necessity gives priority to dogs who would otherwise die in a shelter, who are suffering from neglect or abuse, or who have been abandoned. So owner surrenders often come at the end of a very long waiting list. With ReHome, however, we can help, if you are willing to take responsibility for the care of your dog while we take responsibility for finding and screening suitable adopters.

How the ReHome Program works
To offer placement assistance through our rescue, certain minimum criteria MUST be met before we can begin a search for a new home for your Rat Terrier. We will require:

  1. Photo(s) of the dog to verify breed ID. We do accept Rat Terrier mixes into the ReHome program.
  2. Proof of current vaccinations and copies of veterinarian treatment records.
  3. Proof of current negative heartworm test, and receipts showing the dog is on heartworm preventative.
  4. Certification that the dog is spayed or neutered.
  5. A contract signed by the owner giving New Rattitude the clear responsibility and exclusive right to place the dog, which would then be considered under the joint custody of the owner (now called the guardian) and New Rattitude.
  6. A complete and honest assessment of any temperament, behavior, or health issues the dog may have. (We CAN place dogs with medical, social, or behavioral “baggage,” but we need to fully understand these issues in order to give full disclosure so as to find a suitable adoptive home.) 

Once your Rat Terrier has been accepted into the ReHome program, we will place a profile/description and photos on our New Rattitude website as well as on various national pet search sites (Petfinder, Adopt-A-Pet, RescueMe, etc.) and will feature the dog on our website and Facebook page. When we receive an adoption application, our experienced Adoption Team will begin the screening process, which includes a vet reference check, personal reference checks, a personal interview with the applicant, and a home visit to ensure the physical environment is safe. We process each application very carefully to ensure that the home is suitable in general, and in particular, a great match for your individual dog. We’re not just looking for any home, we’re looking for the best home!

You will be expected to correspond with the applicant as well, so that you can give more detailed information about the dog, and so that you can give us your feedback on the applicant. All will be considered when the Adoption Manager makes the final decision for approval or denial.

After an adoption is finalized, New Rattitude will help arrange transportation to the new home, and will follow up with the adopters to assure there are no adjustment problems that the new family can’t handle. If there are problems, we will assist in correcting the issue or, if the new family is unable to keep the dog for any reason, at any time, we will find a place in one of our foster homes until the right forever home can be found. In short, we take responsibility for the well-being of your dog for the rest of its life.

How much does it cost?
We do not charge for this service, as long as the dog is not withdrawn from the program prior to adoption to a New Rattitude screened and approved home. However, we do require a refundable deposit of $100 to back up your commitment to the program and compliance with New Rattitude policies and procedures. We will return this deposit to you in full when the adoption of your dog is complete. If you withdraw from the program prior to adoption, this deposit will convert to a $100 withdrawal fee in consideration of our time and efforts on your dog’s behalf. It should also be understood that while the dog is in our program, you will be responsible for maintaining its health and medical needs (including heartworm preventative) at your own expense. 

How long will it take to find a home for my dog?
While it is possible that we could receive an application, screen, and place your dog right away, it’s not very likely. Realistically, this will take weeks or even months, depending on the dog, your geographical location, and other factors. Older dogs and dogs with health/behavior issues will usually take longer…sometimes much longer. If you live in an area of the country where Rat Terriers are common (and often available in shelters), it could take longer to find your dog a home. We can show you ways, however, to improve your dog’s chances of a quicker adoption. For instance, a good collection of photos that show off your dog’s personality and appearance will attract much more interest than just a single so-so snapshot. Please consider carefully the time you are willing to commit before asking us to accept your dog in the ReHome program.

How to contact us about ReHome
If you have questions, or are interested in placing your dog through this program, you may write to our ReHome program coordinator at Please include a photo for breed verification and tell us about yourself, your dog, and why you need to find it a new home. We will contact you with the information you need.