New Rattitude wants to know about dogs who are in urgent need of rescue! Because we have limited volunteer resources, however, we ask you to help our efforts by pre-screening dogs that appear to need rescue. If possible, contact the shelter to find out:

  • Is the dog still there and needing rescue? 
  • How much longer does the dog have before it may/will be euthanized?
  • What is the dog’s gender, approximate age, and approximate weight?
  • Are there any known health issues?
  • What is known about the dog’s temperament?
  • Can we get good pictures of the dog that allow us to verify breed ID?

Then send this info, with the name of the shelter, location (city/state), and contact info (phone and/or email and/or website), to our Urgent Team at

If you are able to help with transportation of the dog or a financial contribution to his care, please let us know that as well.