Thanks to all the contest entrants for sharing pictures of your amazing Rat Terriers. New Rattitude’s tenth annual calendar photo contest resulted in awesome photos and difficult decisions. From a total of over 600 entries, the judges completed the tough task of selecting the winners to grace the pages of New Rattitude’s 2019 Rat Terrier Calendar.

Congratulations to Our Winners:

Grand Prize: LIZARD, submitted by Amy Swanger of Middletown, PA
Second Place: LIZLEMON, submitted by Andrea Falaguerro of Rehoboth, MA
Third Place: JUNO, submitted by Susan Manzella of Crozet, VA

Other Winners:
Gozo, submitted by Shawna Ferrato of Jersey City, NJ
Emmy and Stella, submitted by Jackie Olsen of Springtown, PA
Tater, submitted by Eva Moylan of Columbia, SC
Stu, submitted by Stacy Zimmerman of Lynchburg, VA
Helo, submitted by Shelli Smick of Sandpoint, ID
Lucy, submitted by Gary Thompson of Cedar Grove, NC
Avie Jane, submitted by Kim Lynch of Mt. Airy, MD
Lulu, submitted by Whitney Quiggle of Salladasburg, PA
Leo, submitted by Jordon Leigh of Loma, CO
Izzie, submitted by Gina Jourdonnais of Plymouth, MI
Checkers, submitted by Carly Gill of Roswell, GA
Suki, submitted by Merrianne Etter of Altadena, CA
Ernie, submitted by Kathleen Fischer of Chandler, AZ
Billy Bones, submitted by Dawn Schuetz of Normal, IL
Tri and Tank, submitted by Jim Hero of Farragut, IA
Axl, submitted by Jaimie Carr of Asheboro, NC
(Skip To My) Lou, submitted by Neena Palmer of Tuscaloosa, AL
Vinny, submitted by Kelly Fox of New Berlin, WI

We also want to recognize this year’s “Best of the Rest” Dogs: Lilly, submitted by Lainie Shinn; Faith, submitted by Jennifer Chappell; Puppy with rope toy, submitted by Brandy Eller; Dixie and Daisy, submitted by Diana Von; Kelby, submitted by Christy Collins; Katie and Spike’s puppies, submitted by Catherine Adams; Belle, submitted by Ashley Knox; Remy, submitted by Chris Milensky; Georgia, submitted by Leslie Balyeat; Dillon, submitted by Mike Olness; Molly Moo, submitted by Terri Banner; and Arlo, submitted by Mark Worth.

In addition, we are excited to announce that 77 additional thumbnail sized photos are scattered throughout the calendar, increasing our ability to feature as many of the contest entrants as possible!

Congratulations to: 
K. Ardoin, J. Ashton, S. Baker, V. Barnett, S. Batten, L. Bell, M. Bergey, M. Blackmore, T. Branda, D. Briggs, J. Broyles, L. Brumley, P. Chiono, R. Coltrane, C. Conzoner, S. Cramer, L. Davidson, E. Davies, L. Dempsey, D. Emling, M. English-Koch, E. Estrella, L. Fitzpatrick, L. Frazier, T. Frischkorn, T. Gallien, G. Garbett, E. Gory, C. Guadagnino, K. Harrison, M. Hartwig, P. Harvey, W. Hathcock, L. Hiller, S. Hunt, L. Impson, D. Kahn, M. Kratimenos, K. LaRue, B. Lawing, J. Mazeika, P. McKinney, C. McMurray, T. Morrow, A. Murphy, S. Neihart, J. Peel, L. Polazzi, L. Potenti, D. Query, D. Rainey, P. Register, E. Renz, T. Rhodes, A. Rivera, M. Roper, J. Rotman, D. Salamon, J. Schaus, M. Shapiro, J. Spencer, D. Stroud, G. Stuckenschneider, M. Tancrell, G. Taugert, S. Twyman, J. Urban, P. Vasquez, L. Vitt, E. Wackler, T. Whitmer, K. Wight, D. Wiley, K. Wilkins, K. Williams, L. Wood, and A. Wysocki!

The Calendar Committee sends a sincere thank you to all of the contest entrants. The photo entries and email comments that accompanied the entries demonstrated the great love and pride felt for the breed that we all admire so much! 

For a sneak peek of the calendar photo pages, look below.

A very special thanks to Printing Center USA for providing us with our amazing, high-quality calendar. You can learn more about all the wonderful products and services they offer here.