Thanks to all the contest entrants for sharing the pictures of your amazing Rat Terriers. For the 15th year, New Rattitude’s calendar photo contest resulted in awesome photos and difficult decisions. From a total of nearly 700 photo entries, the judges completed the very tough task of selecting the winners that will grace the pages of New Rattitude’s 2024 Rat Terrier Calendar.

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Congratulations to Our Winners:

Grand Prize:  Lily May, submitted by Agostinho Fragoso Paraguassu of New Rochelle, NY.
Second Place: Halo, submitted by Alyssia Greiner of Manassas Park, VA
Third Place: Cornbread, submitted by Carly Gill of Woodstock, GA

Other Winners:
Bullet, submitted by Carlos Reyes of Meadow Vista, CA
Kody and Bear, submitted by Lexy Wilczewski of Shasta Lake, CA
Haku and Killua, submitted by Karina Cardenas of San Francisco, CA
Piper and Buxton, 
submitted by Carissa Miller of Ferndale, MI
Denali and Sammy, 
submitted by Theresa Retelle of Appleton, WI
Gucci and Elvis, 
submitted by Elizabeth Rohn of Laurel, MD
Neville, submitted by Gary Thompson of Cedar Grove, NC
Poppy, submitted by Gayle Sutch of Frederick, MD
Mazie, submitted by Kathleen Fischer of Chandler, AZ
Halo, submitted by Allie Stone of Nyack, NY
Mandy and Kelby, submitted by Christy Collins of Zanesville, OH
Helo, submitted by Shelli Smick of Sandpoint, ID
Ripley and Korra, submitted by Brook VerMeer of Sioux Falls, SD
Electra, submitted by Lou Shubert of Florence, OR

All winners listed above will each receive a free calendar.
The Grand Prize, Second, and Third Place winners will also receive an assortment of other great prizes!

We also want to recognize the photos chosen for this year’s “Best of the Rest” collage on the 2024 calendar page! Congratulations to Will Barentz, Patricia Brady-McKinney, Rita Deimler, Merrianne Etter, Shawna Ferrato, Merrilee Kadwell, Marcy Klauber, Kevin Liu, Lynette Rogers, Cheryl Rose, Steven Speidel, and Camille Sanders whose photos were chosen for this special page.

In addition, we are excited to announce that 72 additional lucky photographers will find their photos featured throughout the 12 calendar month pages as in the sample November calendar page below!

Congratulations to: 
H. Alexander, K. Asci, O. Bagent, K. Bagneski, J. Baum, K. Benavides, J. Berninger, L. Bidoul, N. Biscontini, B. Bock, L. Boecking, T. Brady, D. Bristow, S. Carey, A. Cloutier, M. Coleman, C. Conrad, T. Cove, S. Cramer, P. Cummings, L. Dempsey, J. Doss, D. Esslinger, D. Freshour, L. Giglio, D. Grill, A. Grimm,  M. Hartwig, L. Impson, S. Jordan, J. Kahler, A. Keating, D. Kett, M. Kitchings, A. Kleinert, L. Kotlar, B. Lawing, D. Lee, L. LeGrand, M. Lewis, A. Lisle, Y. Luedde, K. Lynch, J. McCullough, B. Mericle, J. Mulder, S. Passerotti, L. Payne, S. Pearl, J. Peters, J. Ponzoni, L. Raynor, S. Raynor, A. Reese, A. Renzi-Burns, B. Sanchez, J. Schwartz, C. Seal, A. Smith, L. Stagner, P. Stanfield, K. Street, T. Tansey, L. Tashjian, B. Testin, J. Thomas, M. Warwick, K. Wells, P. Wiley, J. Williams, K. Yandell, and A. Zekus.

The Calendar Committee sends a sincere thank you to all of the contest entrants. The photo entries and email comments that accompanied the entries demonstrated the great love and pride felt for the breed that we all admire so much! 

For a sneak peek of the calendar photo pages, look below.

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