This is a handy list of items that your new dog might need. This is not a bank-breaking exercise. Many of the needs can be met by things you already have around the house.

LeashFor best control on walks, use a regular clip leash, not a retractable. For potty breaks, however, a retractable can give a nervous dog a little more freedom.In a pinch, the detachable strap from an old garment bag or other carrying bags will have sturdy hooks on either end and can serve as a leash.
CollarEach New Rattitude dog comes with his own martingale-style collar.Skittish dogs or ones who pull at the leash do best with having their leash attached to a harness rather than a collar.
Dog and are great sources of info for evaluating good quality dog foods. Also check out our Rattie Weight webpage to help you determine an appropriate quantity to feed.
Food & Water BowlsMetal or ceramic bowls are easier to keep clean than plastic, but some dogs are spooked by the sound of their dog tags clanging against a metal or ceramic bowl.Plastic Tupperware-type containers can suffice.
BedAn old couch pillow or folded blanket can serve just fine.
CrateA dog should ALWAYS be secured when traveling in the car. A crate can serve both for travel and for a safe place to confine the dog indoors, when needed. Some dogs really love their crates as a safe refuge spot.Instead of a travel crate, a car harness may be used to tether a dog safely in a car, but do NOT attach tether to a dog’s collar, which can be a choking hazard!
ToysOffer a variety of toys: stuffed animals (the kind without beads!), tennis balls, frisbees, tug toys, squeakie toys, chew toys, and puzzle toys.You can make tug toys by knotting old socks that have lost their mates. An empty plastic water bottle (with cap on) inserted into a tube sock with the end knotted makes an entertaining chew toy. Discarded tennis balls can be found by the dozens around community tennis courts, with plenty of life left in them for a dog.
ChewiesNylabones, raw beef bones, antlers, and bully sticks are all great chewies. Give rawhides, hooves, or pig ears sparingly.Make your own jerky! There’s a recipe at
Training TreatsFor any training treat, the key is to ensure the bits are SMALL — so that it takes just one quick bite and the dog’s attention stays on you.SMALL bits of hotdog, string cheese, or protein-rich food can be used instead of commercial treats. One good source is leftover dinner meat or other inexpensive meat. Bake it until it’s very dry, then cut in tiny slivers or cubes and freeze.
Treat Bag and ClickerReally helpful for positive training sessions!
Training BooksCheck out New Rattitude’s list of Training Resources.Lots of info available free on the Internet!
Sweater/RaincoatDepending on weather needs in your area.
Poop BagsOld grocery store bags can be used, of course, but commercial poop bags are so much more convenient, and fit nicely into small dispensers that can be clipped onto a leash or otherwise easily carried.
Enzyme CleanerFor cleaning up potty accidents. Use generously!A less-expensive alternative is white vinegar, but the special enzymes in a pet-specific cleaner will do a much better job on thoroughly removing bacteria, odor, and stains.
Nail ClippersYou can clip your dog’s nails at home easily and quickly with a quality dog nail trimmer, and it’s much cheaper than having it done by a vet or groomer!
ShampooDo not use human shampoo. But an inexpensive dog shampoo is fine as long as the dog isn’t dealing with allergies or other skin problems.
Shower AttachmentNot necessary, but bathing is a lot easier if you have a hand-held shower head.
First Aid KitEvery pet owner should have a first aid kit on hand! An emergency is the wrong time to wish you had done that. You can assemble one yourself (New Rattitude adopters receive a suggested components list).
Emergency Vet MagnetFind the nearest emergency vet hospital and visit it in advance to find our their policies, pricing, hours, and contact info. Get one of their business cards and attach it to a refrigerator magnet so that the info is easily accessible when/if you need it in a hurry.
Dog Food Storage BinAn 8 gallon storage bin will hold 25 lb. of dry dog food, keeping it fresh and keeping out pests.
Food ScoopFind out how much food your new Rattie gets per meal, and dedicate an appropriately-sized measuring cup as a scoop so that you can keep portions consistent.The lid on a large laundry detergent bottle is going to be in the 1/4 – 1/2 cup range — perfect for most Ratties. Wash one out and measure it to see if it’s the appropriate size for your Rat Terrier.