Upon execution of this contract by both parties and upon Adopter’s payment to NR of the indicated adoption fee, NR agrees to give title, possession, and control of the (described) dog to the Adopter for as long as the Adopter complies with the terms and conditions of this adoption contract. (If co-applicants are named collectively as Adopter, both are bound, individually and jointly, by the terms and conditions.)  By adopting this dog from NR, Adopter agrees to the following conditions (Sections A-E):

1. To adopt the dog as a personal indoor pet and companion for self and not as a gift for another person or persons. This dog shall not be left outside at night or in inclement weather, nor kept chained or tied, nor left outside unattended except in a securely fenced yard.
2. To comply with all state/local laws/ordinances pertaining to the keeping of a dog including, but not limited to, vaccinations, licensing, and observance of applicable leash and zoning laws.
3. To provide daily food, water, and exercise in appropriate amounts for the dog’s size and weight; attentive human companionship; and veterinary care (see section B below); and to care for the dog in a loving, humane, and responsible manner for the remainder of its natural life.
4. To not allow the dog to be used for any biomedical research or experimentation whatsoever.
5. To allow NR to examine and/or make inquiries about the dog at any time to verify continued safety and well-being of this dog. If not satisfied with its condition or the conditions in which it is kept, NR will offer Adopter reasonable advice to correct the situation. If the Adopter is then unwilling or unable to remedy the dog’s condition or the conditions in which it is kept, this dog may be reclaimed by NR immediately.

While in fostercare, this dog has had veterinary check(s), been treated for observed ailments, and is believed to be healthy, with any known health issues having been previously discussed with the applicant and noted in the description section of the contract. NR does not warranty the physical condition or health of any dog. Adopter understands that long-term health histories are rarely available for rescue dogs, that serious health conditions could exist that are not readily detectable by routine exams, and that rescue dogs may have been exposed to diseases with incubation periods of several weeks. Adopter also understands that dogs could have less grave medical issues that cannot be addressed on a rescue organization’s budget, but could nevertheless impact the dog’s comfort level or long-term well-being, so adopter commits to taking the dog to his/her personal veterinarian as soon as practical after adoption to establish a program of preventive vet care.
Adopter understands that while NR’s policy is that no dog may be adopted out without having been spayed/neutered, in rare instances a dog that a veterinarian determined to have been altered prior to coming to rescue could later turn out to be intact. In such a circumstance, Adopter will hold NR blameless and commit to having the dog altered as soon as possible and make such arrangements. Adopter may use his/her vet of choice for the alteration surgery, in which case NR will, upon submission of vet invoice, reimburse Adopter up to $200 maximum toward the actual cost. Or Adopter, at his/her option, may use a veterinarian of NR’s choosing, in which case NR will be responsible for the entire cost of the alteration surgery. Apart from this remote chance of misdiagnosed alteration, NR is not responsible for any medical expenses whatsoever after adoption nor for any health issues that may arise after adoption regardless of whether it is later determined that the condition might have existed prior to the adoption date. Upon adoption, Adopter is responsible for ALL medical expenses and specifically agrees to the following:
1. To provide annual medical checkups by a state-licensed veterinarian in good standing. Said checkups shall include, but not be limited to, physical exam, vaccinations as required by law (unless deemed harmful to the dog by the veterinarian), and occult heartworm test.
2. To begin normal, routine at-home healthcare for the dog including, but not limited to: monthly heartworm preventative each and every month without fail, flea/tick preventative, and general grooming including maintenance nail clipping and ear cleanings.

NR does not warranty or guarantee the behavior or disposition of any dog after adoption. While in the NR program, this dog has been cared for, trained, and socialized to the best ability of his/her foster parent(s) or guardian(s), with the dog’s observed personality, habits, and temperament described on NR’s website &/or in the description section of this contract. However, dogs commonly react differently in new environments as they adapt to new sights/smells/sounds, caregivers, routines, and schedules. NR urges all adoptive homes to promptly enroll in obedience classes to help Adopter and dog learn to communicate effectively with each other and establish a strong, positive relationship. While NR makes a good faith effort to effect a good match between Adopter and dog, NR makes neither warranty nor guarantee, express or implied, with regard to the dog’s background, its suitability, and/or its compatibility. Adopter expressly agrees to exercise extreme care in acclimating the dog into its new home and its inhabitants.

NR will offer the services of an Adoption Support team to try to help resolve any issues that might impact the dog’s ability to stay in its adoptive home. If Adopter experiences such issues, Adopter will contact AdoptionSupport@NewRattitude.org as promptly as possible to give NR the opportunity to understand the situation and propose remedies that would allow the adoption to be preserved. NR unconditionally retains the first right of refusal if at any time during the dog’s lifetime, for any reason, the Adopter needs or wishes to give up the dog. The Adopter expressly agrees: 
1. To not abandon the dog under any circumstances, nor to give away, sell, or trade the dog to any other person or organization, including other shelters or rescue groups.
2. To notify NR about any possible alternate placement for the dog (e.g. with a family member or friend). The prospective new owner will be directed to complete an application to be approved by NR, but no adoption fee would apply. Adopter may not surrender physical custody of the dog without NR’s express, written permission through a signed transfer adoption contract.
3. To enroll the dog in NR’s ReHome Program (https://newrattitude.org/about/contact-us/rehome/), should giving up the dog be necessary, allowing the dog to remain with Adopter while NR finds a new qualified and screened adoptive home.
4. If return is necessary but the ReHome Program is not an option due to specific circumstances, to give NR a minimum of two weeks’ notice to relocate the dog to an authorized foster home and to work cooperatively with NR through our Adoption Support Liaison (AdoptionSupport@NewRattitude.org) to effect such transfer. Should the dog be unable to remain in the Adopter’s custody during this period, Adopter agrees to pay to board the dog at a licensed veterinary boarding facility for up to two weeks. 
5. To provide proof of the dog’s current rabies vaccination and any other medical records to NR upon surrender of the dog to NR (or to the attending vet if boarding as described in paragraph D3 above applies), as well as the dog’s New Rattitude ID tag.

Given that NR is 100% volunteer run without a physical location, NR cannot guarantee that we will be able to take a dog back upon request. In cases where the adopter has been in contact with AdoptionSupport@NewRattitude.org, NR is unable to secure a foster home spot for the dog, and Adopter is unable to participate in the ReHome Program, NR may give written permission for other arrangements to be made for the dog.

Adopter expressly agrees:
1. To indemnify and hold harmless NR and its officers, representatives, and agents for any and all actions, suits, debts, dues, accounts, covenants, agreements, judgments, claims, and/or demands whatsoever arising out of placement of this dog, including any loss, damages, injury, or death to any person, animal, or property caused by the dog upon and after adoption.
2. To be subject, upon violation of the terms of the contract, to: 1) payment of liquidated damages in the amount of $1,000 or the maximum allowable damage awardable by Adopter’s resident state; 2) interest due and payable from the date of demand; 3) NR’s attorney fees and other court costs necessary to enforce the provisions of this contract; and/or 4) return of the dog, if requested by NR or a representative thereof.

Although this dog is believed to be predominantly Rat Terrier, rescue organizations seldom have confirming background information on any dog’s genetic heritage, and New Rattitude does not warranty any adopted dog as being full Rat Terrier, either Type A (Standard) or Type B (“Teddy”).

This agreement shall be in effect when signed below by Adopter. Adopter’s signature indicates agreement to all terms and conditions of the contract. Any alterations to this contract made by the adopter will not be binding. Photocopy, fax, or electronic copies shall have the same effect for all purposes as an ink-signed original.

Adopter attests to being at least twenty-one years of age and acknowledges that that he/she (1) has read and understood all terms and conditions of the contract; (2) agrees to all the terms and conditions as specified; and (3) is executing this contract of his/her own free will and not under duress.