If you are able to get involved on an on-going basis but do not want to foster, you can still be a valued Member! Submit a Membership Application to let us know of your availability and interests. There is a screening process to help us get to know you better and give you the opportunity to learn more about New Rattitude and our policies/procedures. (Former members of New Rattitude may reactivate their membership HERE.)

As a network organization without a physical shelter, New Rattitude relies on a private Facebook group to communicate with our membership, so each member needs to have a Facebook profile. Listed below are some of the opportunities Members may become involved with.

Shelter Surfers follow up on dogs at kill shelters, collect the info needed to determine if we can help, and network with other members to communicate the need.
Transportation Coordinators do the planning and coordinating to get dogs safely moved from a shelters to foster homes or from foster homes to adoptive homes.
State Coordinators act as liaisons between the foster parents and other volunteers in each state to ensure all members are working together effectively and efficiently.

WEB DEVELOPMENT AND SUPPORT: New Rattitude relies heavily on the Internet for many of our administrative functions (applications, reports, records, publicity, communications, etc.) as well as general visibility to the public.
Experienced IT Folks are needed to maintain our website and work on functionality enhancements.
• The Web Editor and Photo Editor manage the content of our web pages, particularly the dog profiles.
Pet Publicists handle the upload and administrative maintenance of the dog profiles.

ADOPTION TEAM: A lot of work goes into processing adoption applications.
• Applications Coordinators are responsible for doing the reference checks and interviewing prospective adopters, helping determine when a household and a dog are a good match for each other, and helping applicants navigate the process.
• Home Visit Coordinators recruit, coordinate, and provide instruction for Home Visit volunteers, ensuring that any potential safety hazards are resolved before a dog is approved for adoption.
• The Adoption Support team members work with adopters who are having difficulties caring for their adopted dog, offering support to help preserve the adoption or coordinating returns when that is not possible.
• The Behavior Modification team works with foster parents and adopters of dogs with behavioral challenges, coming up with training plans tailored to the dog’s particular situation and helping the foster parents and adopters successfully implement the plans.

FUND-RAISING: Because our adoption fees can’t cover the entire cost of veterinary care for our rescued dogs, we rely on additional raised by detail-oriented
Grant Writers, creative and enthusiastic
Fund-Raising Coordinators, and talented
Artisans, who create and donate goods for us to sell, auction, or raffle. 

Event Staff may feature our Rat Terriers and our organization when we have an opportunity to participate in local animal events.
Social Media team helps give us an ever-bigger presence on Facebook and Instagram.

ADMINISTRATION: Our administration efforts include various roles such as
Microchip/Tag Distribution
• Adoption Follow-Up Calls
• ReTail Shop Coordination
• Volunteer Coordination
• Recruiting
• Microchip Registration, etc. 

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