If you use the internet, you use search engines

Why not raise some money for New Rattitude while you’re browsing? Both Bing and Goodsearch browsing tools will generate revenue for New Rattitude.

Give with Bing

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Give with Bing is a feature of Microsoft Rewards that enables you to support a cause you care about simply by searching on Bing! It starts by signing up for Microsoft’s loyalty program, Microsoft Rewards. After joining, points earned for Bing searches will be automatically donated to your selected cause.

To get started, visit https://give.bing.com. Once Give with Bing is enabled you can select New Rattitude from a list of over 1 million non-profit organizations in the United States.  Donations will be distributed to New Rattitude monthly and Microsoft Rewards will also send you an email detailing your monthly impact.


Make Goodsearch your default search engine and set up an account, then choose New Rattitude as the cause you’d like to support.  Goodsearch donates a portion of money they make from searches to New Rattitude.  And you don’t need to worry about the quality of the search engine. It is powered by Yahoo!